At the Goldstone we have a number of deaf adults who rely on British Sign Language. We provide communication support at every meeting and try to make everything we do accessible to those who are deaf. Come along to the Goldstone School any Sunday at 10:30am.

Signs of Grace
We hold a monthly meeting for the wider deaf community called ‘Signs of Grace’. Around 20-25 people attend this meeting and they come from across Sussex and beyond. In fact, deaf people come to this meeting from as far away as Portsmouth and London. It is held on the second Sunday of each month (not January) at Bishop Hannington Church, Nevill Avenue, Hove. We always try to have a deaf person preaching and the whole meeting is done in British Sign Language. Hearing people are most welcome to come along too.

For the next  meeting see our 'What's on' page
Communication support with BSL signer

Are you deaf? Do you:

  • Use British Sign Language (BSL)?
  • Want to come to a church service?
  • Have questions about the Bible/God/Jesus?

Then please come and meet us. You will be very welcome. We also hold social events. We have had quizzes, games nights and ‘Laughter Evenings’. Look at our ‘What’s On?‘ page for the next meeting time.
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Bring your friends.

There is Communication Support for deaf people at the Goldstone Church in Goldstone School every week at 10:30am (not second Sunday from February because of 'Signs of Grace' Meeting at 2.30pm).

In the table below, please click on the date to see a video of the Signs of Grace service.
(Subtitles are available)

Service Date

Talk Subject


12-Mar-23 Sermon on the Mount
(Matthew 5:1-5)
David Flynn
12-Feb-23 Jesus Calms the Storm Bob McFarland
13-Nov-22 The Invitation Liz Heyburn
09-Oct-22 Lord, Teach Us to Pray:
Praying for the Lost
Jason Ellis
11-Sep-22 Lord, Teach Us to Pray:
Praying Together
Gill Behenna
14-Aug-22 Lord, Teach Us to Pray:
Prayer with Fasting
Simon James-Morse
10-Jul-22 Lord, Teach Us to Pray:
Praying in Faith
Jonathan Hajebi
12-Jun-22 Lord, Teach Us to Pray:
Prayer Makes a Difference
Peter Beer
08-May-22 Lord, Teach Us to Pray:
No, Slow, Grow
Susan Myatt
10-Apr-2022 Palm Sunday:
Carrying the Gospel
Simon James-Morse
13-Mar-2022 Lord, Teach Us to Pray:
Praying Persistently
Sarah Clarke
13-Feb-2022 Lord, Teach Us to Pray:
Praying in Jesus' Name
Holly Ferrie
12-Dec-2021 Christmas: More than a Holiday
[Joint Service with Goldstone Church]
Simon James-Morse
14-Nov-2021 What Does the Bible Say About
Astronomy and Astrology?
John Delve
10-Oct-2021 What Does the Bible Say About
Questioning our Faith?
Jason Ellis
08-Aug-2021 What Does the Bible Say About
Heaven and Hell?
Simon James-Morse
11-Jul-2021 What Does the Bible Say About
Susan Myatt
13-Jun-2021 What Does the Bible Say About
Hunger, Famine and Sickness?
Jim Iland