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Freedom in Christ


More than a Holiday

Christmas 2021

Aspects of God

Getting to Know
More about God

Away Day 2021


Seeking God First




A Life Lived with God


That You May Believe

John 1-5


Christmas 2020

Joseph - One Extraordinary Life


In Christ


Prayers for Life

Prayer Psalms of David

The Kingdom of Heaven is Like...


The Meaning of Christmas

Christmas 2019

Living a Life that Lasts


Lord Teach Us to Pray

Luke 11:1

A Living Hope

1 Peter

Peter - a Life with Jesus

Apostle Peter

The Word of God

Christmas 2018

When the Going Gets Tough

Jesus' "I AM" Statements

Abraham - Promises, Promises


James - Pressure Points


The Christmas Miracle

Christmas 2017

 Daniel - Courageous Living


Jesus' Ministry in Galilee


Walking with God

 Studies in the
Songs of Ascent

The Greatness of God


Watching for the Light

Christmas 2016

Confidence in Christ


Old Testament Characters

Some Lesser
Celebrated Heros



Growing Up


Building for God - Nehemiah



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02/01/2022 Simon James-Morse Making the New Year Better
(Ephesians 5:15-20)
14/11/2021 Simon James-Morse

Remembrance Sunday:
Answering the Call
(Mark 1:14-20)

03/10/2021 Judith Bawtree

Harvest Celebration:
God's Rich Provision
(John 6:25-36)

27/06/2021 Simon James-Morse

Mission Sunday:
Who Shall I Send?
Isaiah 6:1-10

23/05/2021 Phil Moon

Pentecost Sunday:
Unity in the Church
Ephesians 4:1-6

04/04/2021 Simon James-Morse

Easter Day:
Empty Promises
John 19:38-20:23

28/03/2021 Alex Forrest

Palm Sunday:
On the Road to Calvary
Luke 19:28-44

14/02/2021 Richard Brunton
Living Hope

Fellowship with God
1 John 1:5-10

08/11/2020 Simon James-Morse

Remembrance Sunday:
Don't Forget

30/08/2020 Anna Bouch

A BBQ with Jesus
John 21:1-14

28/06/2020 Judith Bawtree

Lights in the Darkness
Acts 13:44-51

24/05/2020 Cliff Evans

Our Reason for Hope
Luke 24:50-53

03/05/2020 Heloise Hearn

The Answer to Anxiety
Philippians 4:4-9

19/04/2020 Simon James-Morse

When in Doubt...
John 20:24-31

16/02/2020 Esther Bee

God is in Control

24/11/2019 Paul Young
Off the Fence

A Job Interview with Jonah
Jonah 4:1-11

10/11/2019 Simon James-Morse

Remembrance Sunday:
So Great a Salvation
John 11:38-44

20/10/2019 Peter, Nevena &
Emanuel Pekov

Greetings from Vidin
(In Bulgarian & English)

22/09/2019 Richard Nerurkar

Guest Service:
I Choose to Follow
John 1:35-51

23/06/2019 Simon James-Morse

Missions Sunday:
God's Great Action Plan
Acts 1:1-8

11/05/2019 Simon James-Morse

Church Away Day
The Holy Spirit
1 John 4:7-18

28/04/2019 Simon James-Morse

The Crestfallen Disciples
Luke 24:13-27

21/04/2019 Simon James-Morse

Easter Day:
Celebrating the Resurrection
Mark 16:1-7

14/04/2019 Heloise Hearn

Palm Sunday:
What Kind of King
Did You Expect?
Matthew 21:1-11

10/02/2019 Andrzej Nedzusiak

Led by the Spirit
Romans 8

11/11/2018 Simon James-Morse

Words of Encouragement
(Remembrance Sunday)
1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

07/10/2018 Tony Lamb
B&H City Mission

Psalm 111:1-10

02/09/2018 Cliff Evans

Deceived by Sin,
Delighted by God
Psalm 36

29/07/2018 Simon James-Morse

Broken and Poured
Mark 14:3-9, 22-26


Kevin Gwynne

Simon James-Morse

Audio: Testimony
(Cafe Church)

Text: "Who is Jesus?"

03/06/2018 John Casse
Gideons UK
God's Word -
Lamp and Light
Psalm 119:97-105
12/05/2018 Simon James-Morse Church Away Day
How to Grow Together
Ephesians 4:1-6
(Note: large file)
08/04/2018 Simon James-Morse A Room with a View
Luke 24:36-49
01/04/2018 Simon James-Morse The Biggest Surprise of All!
Matthew 28:1-10
25/03/2018 Cliff Evans Welcome the King!
Matthew 21:1-17
18/03/2018 Richard Brunton
(Living Hope)
The God of Nehemiah
Nehemiah 1-2
18/02/2018 Heloise Hearn

The Scars of Jesus
(Cafe Church)

07/01/2018  Simon James-Morse A New Start
Romans 12:1-2
24/09/2017 Simon James-Morse Do This
in Remembrance of Me
1 Corinthians 11:23-26
02/07/2017 Brian Salter My Story
(Cafe Church)
18/06/2017 Simon James-Morse What Fathers' Teach
Acts 7:1-7
11/06/2017 Richard Brunton
(Living Hope)
A Devoted People
Acts 2:38-47
20/05/2017 Tex McLeod Church Away Day
"Growing Out"
(Note: large file)
30/4/2017 Phil Moon All New Now
John 20:19-31
23/04/2017 Cliff Evans Travelling with Jesus
Luke 24:13-35
16/04/2017 Simon James-Morse Easter Day:
He is Risen!
Luke 24:1-12


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