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11/11/2018 Simon James-Morse

Words of Encouragement
(Remembrance Sunday)
1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

07/10/2018 Tony Lamb
B&H City Mission

Psalm 111:1-10

02/09/2018 Cliff Evans

Deceived by Sin,
Delighted by God
Psalm 36

29/07/2018 Simon James-Morse

Broken and Poured
Mark 14:3-9, 22-26


Kevin Gwynne

Simon James-Morse

Audio: Testimony
(Cafe Church)

Text: "Who is Jesus?"

03/06/2018 John Casse
Gideons UK
God's Word -
Lamp and Light
Psalm 119:97-105
12/05/2018 Simon James-Morse Church Away Day
How to Grow Together
Ephesians 4:1-6
(Note: large file)
08/04/2018 Simon James-Morse A Room with a View
Luke 24:36-49
01/04/2018 Simon James-Morse The Biggest Surprise of All!
Matthew 28:1-10
25/03/2018 Cliff Evans Welcome the King!
Matthew 21:1-17
18/03/2018 Richard Brunton
(Living Hope)
The God of Nehemiah
Nehemiah 1-2
18/02/2018 Heloise Hearn

The Scars of Jesus
(Cafe Church)

07/01/2018  Simon James-Morse A New Start
Romans 12:1-2